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Michael T. Moore, Moore & Company, and The International SeaKeepers Society featured in CubaTrade Magazine

Posted May 2017

While today's numbers are still a far cry from the zenith of U.S. yachting to Cuba in the 1950s, they still respresent a sharply growing re-engagement with the island nation by America's yachting elite.
"It began in August 2015, and accelerated in the middle of 2016," says Michael Moore, a Miami-based maritime attorney who specializes in legal compliance for yachts plying the Cuban waters and marinas.
"We have done 170 yachts so far, and have about 43 in the pipeline."
What makes Moore uniquely able to assure compliance is that he is also chairman of the board of the International SeaKeepers Society, a nonprofit founded in 1998 and dedicated to protecting the ecology of coastal waters worldwide.
"Every yacht that comes through Moore and Company goes down to Cuba under the SeaKeepers' umbrella," says Moore.'